Notion Investment Portfolio Template

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Track your investment / stock portfolio via Notion's familiar interface

Check it out for yourself! (demo not working? Try here)

Ditch the messy spreadsheets or trying to track assets across multiple accounts. See your portfolio performance and complete transaction log all in one place.

Easily customize your experience and extend the functionality with the power of Notion.


  • Live updating stock prices*
  • Track all asset types: stocks, crypto, ETFs
  • View portfolio holdings, balances, and profit/loss returns
  • Calculations for average cost basis per asset and more
  • Keep a permanent log of all BUY and SELL transactions
  • User guide to make it easy to get started, and customize things later

*All Notion templates listing "live stock prices" as a feature are dependent on an integration of some kind.

This template comes with the simplest, step-by-step guide to configuring live updating stock prices, for free, with no limitations on number of stocks, or frequency of updates.

We actually provide 3 different step-by-step guides in case you have preferences:

  • Google Apps Script: Free, no limitations (recommended)
  • Integration: Free, with limitations
  • Notion2Sheets Integration: Paid

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An intuitive dashboard to track your investment portfolio in one place

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Notion Investment Portfolio Template

2 ratings
I want this!